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Causal Class $29

This is a trauma-informed Hatha yoga class, offering opportunities for participants to feel empowered to make choices and adjust their yoga practice to suit their individual needs.

It is informed by my experience as registered yoga teacher, Trauma Centre Trauma-Sensitive Facilitator and clinical psychologist.


This class is for people who want to attend a trauma-informed yoga class. Or for people who have attended Yoga for Trauma Recovery or another TCTSY course or class and would like to continue a TCTSY practice. 


Private Classes (60 minutes)



Private yoga classes are tailored to your individual needs. For example, a TCTSY practice to support trauma recovery, LYT yoga class to facilitate functional movement, relaxation and / or regulation of your autonomic nervous system. 

Yoga for Trauma Recovery


This 5-week course is designed to be helpful for complex trauma and posttraumatic stress. Participants will have an opportunity to learn about and experience grounding strategies, choice making and taking effective action, interoception, breath awareness and noticing the present moment. This is a Trauma Centre Trauma-Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY) practice, an evidence-based intervention for complex trauma and posttraumatic stress. This course may also be helpful for anxiety, depression and emotional distress. Each class starts with psychoeducation and then a hatha yoga practice suitable for all levels of experience for individuals 16 years and over. Class sizes are limited to 10 people. Individuals participating in the course do not need to discuss their mental health or trauma histories. Chairs are available for participants who would like to choose a chair-based practice.

You can choose to participate in Yoga for Trauma Recovery in person at the studio OR online in a self-paced version of the course (with 3 months access). 

I offer corporate yoga sessions; supervision and professional consultation services; and professional development sessions.


Corporate yoga sessions can be tailored to the goals of your organisation. 

You can find more information about the professional development session I offer on ~ Yoga for Trauma Recovery, Emotional Regulation & Resilience: Theory, Practice & Clinical Applications ~ on my Timetable.

Concession rates are available

You are welcome to speak to me about this

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